Saumel  Ahmadi, MD, PhD

Saumel Ahmadi, MD, PhD

Pediatric Epilepsy Fellowship, Washington University in St. Louis

Where I am from: Originally from Western India, where I did my Medical school. Moved to Toronto, Canada where I did my PhD and post-doctoral studies at The Hospital for Sick Children and the University of Toronto. 

Where I am going: Everything in Child Neurology is exciting, but narrowed it down to channelopathies, epilepsy, neurotech, neuroinfectious.

Why I am here: The warm, welcoming, friendly nature of almost everyone at Wash U and especially in the pediatric neurology program is the most important reason why I am here. That combined with excellent clinical services provided to a wide variety of patients, and Wash U being the home to some of the leaders in neurology, make the perfect incubator to kick-start a career as a physician-scientist. This notion has just gotten stronger for me over the past 2 years. This program has naturally molded me into comfortably taking care of a large number of complex patients, while continuing to learn, stay curious and hone my leadership skills. In the busiest of  days I feel responsible to maintain this warm, friendly, and collegial culture.

For me one of the coolest things about living and working here is access to the beautiful Forest Park across the street from the hospital. Missouri has tons of incredible camping sites, breathtaking natural springs and trails around them, million-year-old rock formations to explore both underground in caves and above, the birthplace of Route 66, and so much more I still need to explore. The combination of affordable living and the excellent international connectivity of the airport has allowed me to travel to 4 countries in 2 years. 

 The excellent work-life balance, the support of my extraordinary co-residents and attendings, and their excitement for child neurology, make this a perfect place to live and grow in our academic and personal lives.