Life at work

  • 2023 pool party at Dr. Gurnett’s House
  • Our PGY5s and their doggie best friends
  • PGY5s getting fancy for a wedding
  • PGY5s Katie and Rachel enjoying a weekend off
  • Throwback of our class of 2022 at their pediatrics graduation
  • The class of 2022 celebrating the end of the year
  • The class of 2022 celebrating the end of the year
  • Intern welcome pool party
  • Resident holiday party at Dr. Mar’s home
  • Throwback of the class of 2022 on their first day of PGY4 year
  • Residents saying hello from our own office space
  • The current PGY5 class poses after conference
  • Washington University pediatric neurology at the annual CNS conference
  • The ICU consult team ready for the day
  • Resident yoga in Forest Park
  • Our 2021 graduates with our program directors
  • Last year’s chiefs welcoming the new intern class
  • Pumpkin carving fall fun
  • The neurology service representing their favorite cat-pun anti-seizure meds
  • Jigsaw puzzle time at resident noon conference
  • PGY2 Megan teaching her daughter all her neurology tips and tricks
  • Baby shower celebrations for former fellow (now attending!) Mili
  • Dabbing with Dr. Zaidman in EMG clinic
  • The class of 2022 with our program director Dr. Mar after their CPC
  • Birthday party fun for our residency babies
  • The class of 2022 on graduation day
  • PGY5s at the City Foundry Food Hall wellness event
  • Movie nights on Art Hill

Our program is dedicated to the residents’ quality of life both at work and outside the hospital. One of the reasons that we expanded the number of residents in our program was to create a greater sense of a community of learners. As residents train together, they not only teach and learn from each other but also provide support and camaraderie. Being a team player is an important prerequisite for our program. In addition to the other pediatric neurology residents, our residents form lasting friendships with their colleagues in the pediatrics residency and adult neurology residency programs.

During the pediatric neurology portion of training, each resident has his or her own desk within the office suite in pediatric neurology. The residents have the support of our office staff of secretaries, schedulers and nurses to assist them in their patient care as well as a residency coordinator to assist them throughout their academic program.

Feeling part of the pediatric neurology family from the beginning of internship is important to us. A pediatric neurology faculty advisor is assigned to each resident from the beginning of pediatrics residency. This advisor meets with the resident at least twice each year up through PGY4 year at which time the resident is fully integrated into the division and has easy access to all faculty. Interns and PGY2 residents are invited each year to the major lectures and social events for the division.

Some of the perquisites that residents receive include a residency book fund of $250 per year during their neurology training and funds to travel to a national meeting such as the Child Neurology Society or the American Academy of Neurology.

Please visit the following links for detailed information on stipends and benefits.

Transportation and St. Louis (STL)

  • Driving: There is free parking for all residents at St. Louis Children’s Hospital and Barnes; Everything in St. Louis is within a 15-minute drive. Most people will agree that a car is essential to living in St. Louis.
  • Public Transportation: The MetroLink (light rail) stops at the Medical Center/Wash U and travels through many neighborhoods where Residents tend to live, making it a convenient way to get to work. From the Medical Center, you can ride the MetroLink to the airport, the Galleria Mall, the western suburbs, downtown to the ball games, the undergrad Wash U campus, or across the river to Illinois. Did I mention it was relatively inexpensive at $3.00 for a 2-hour price or a month pass for $78.00?
  • Biking: Very bike friendly city, and you can bike to work easily from many surrounding neighborhoods. Many of our residents bike to work!

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St. Louis and medical campus life

Virtual Tour of Medical Campus and St. Louis

Virtual Tour of Medical Campus and Pediatrics

Residency Training at the School of Medicine

Residency Programs at the School of Medicine: By the Numbers

Vibrant life: A Day in St. Louis

Missouri is a “Cross-Roads” of America with both a rural and urban population. St. Louis is one of the best-kept secrets in the U.S.! The St. Louis metro area is the nineteenth largest in the U.S. with the population ~ 2,800,000. St. Louis is affordable and accessible with a diverse city and suburban life within ten minutes of the hospital. St. Louis has a large minority community within the city (>50%) and is an important city for refugee resettlement. St. Louis is a great place for both families and singles.

Cost of living

One of the major perks to living in St. Louis is the cost of living. Per Forbes, the median home price is 131K with a cost of living that is 5.6% below the national average. With such a low cost of living, many Residents are able to pay on loans, start a family, vacation in exotic destinations, purchase a home, or even invest or save money. With low cost of living, you can decide to pretty much live anywhere you would like in St. Louis. See section below for descriptions of St. Louis neighborhoods, and to find out where our Residents live.

St. Louis neighborhoods

Below is a map of where our residents live in the city, along with a list of some of the popular neighborhoods to live in and their reputations. We hope you enjoy.

St. Louis Neighborhoods Map

Central West End  –  Central West End Neighborhood Spotlight

The Central West End is the neighborhood most popular with residents. It’s close to the hospital and full of bars, restaurants, shops, and nightlife. Residents who live in the Central West End often walk or ride their bikes to work. Given its location, the neighborhood is a little bit on the pricier side, but certainly well within the budget of most residents. It’s proximity to Forest Park is another big draw. Forest Park is truly a national treasure, and a perfect place to run, bike, or spread out a picnic blanket. Other Central West End amenities include a movie theater, multiple outdoor patios, St. Louis’s best dive bar, and a central location to most of the city. 

The Hill – Feast on St. Louis: The Hill

The Hill is one of St. Louis’s most famous neighborhoods. Its Italian influence is evident from the signs that adorn street lamps to the flags that hang from the friendly resident homes. Additionally, options for delicious Italian food abound. The Hill is also a short distance from the Hospital. The houses in The Hill have a unique style with backyards, low chain link fences, and a vibe that will make you think you’ve wandered into an episode of “The Wonder Years”.

Soulard – Soulard Neighborhood Spotlight

St. Louis’s French history is prominently apparent in this beautiful, old St. Louis neighborhood. It is also home of the famous Soulard farmers market, as well as the best Mexican food in town on Cherokee street. Perhaps most notably, it is home of Bogart’s Smokehouse, St. Louis’s best barbecue. Its nightlife makes it an occasionally loud place at night, but an exciting neighborhood none the less. The Fortune Teller Bar is one of St. Louis’s best options for good beer and craft cocktails.

Downtown – St. Louis Neighborhood Spotlight: Downtown St. Louis

Downtown St. Louis has a wonderful, vibrant feel and spending time here reminds you that you are living in a big city. Tall buildings, boutique shops, and nightlife are abundant. The architecture is an amazing testament to St. Louis’s glory days. Its proximity to Busch Stadium and our beloved Cardinals is another plus. It provides easy access to the metro train allowing residents to forego parking and commute to work car-free. St. Louis’s amazing comic book and pop culture store, “The Star Clipper,” has recently relocated to Downtown. Lastly, the eclectic and impossible-to-describe “City Museum” is located downtown.

When I moved here I was NOT ready to move to the suburbs. Sure, the Central West End is great, and beautiful, but don’t overlook downtown when you’re thinking about moving here! The buildings are beautiful renovated turn-of-the-century factories. I walk to baseball games, city garden, and the city museum (the coolest museum in the country). I live half a block from the Metro, which brings me to work in 11 minutes! – Charlene Ong

Clayton – Feast On St. Louis: Clayton

Do you know the difference between red and “Nantucket Red?” Do you like your drinks with a garnish, your clothing name brand, and your neighbors posh? Then this St. Louis suburb is for you. Clayton is the suburb with easiest access to the hospital and Forest Park. It has multiple nice restaurants, including a resident favorite place for breakfast, Half and Half. It is also the home of St. Louis’s best driver’s license office.

South City – Feast on St. Louis: South City and South County

Several residents have purchased homes in South Hampton. This part of the city features uniquely beautiful, 1920’s era brick homes at affordable prices. It’s a short 15-minute drive to work. South City provides some of the amenities of suburbia such as nice yards, and quiet tree lined streets while still making you feel like you are within a city. Easy access to groceries, local eateries, and friendly neighbors are another plus.

The Grove – Feast on St. Louis: Midtown and The Grove

The Grove is one of St. Louis’s most exciting neighborhoods. The neighborhood is characterized by new growth. Recently Urban Chestnut, one of our best local craft breweries, opened a massive second brewing location attached to a wonderful German style beer hall. One of the best coffee shops in town, Rise, is just down the street. Nightlife is notable for 80’s dance parties at the hipster haven “Handlebar,” as well as several LGBT bars. Several residents have moved to The Grove and love it. It is also very close to the hospital making it an easy walk or bike ride.

Tower Grove – Welcome to Tower Grove Park

Do you enjoy well-groomed mustaches, ironic t-shirts, and bands no one has heard of? Then Tower Grove is for you. Hipster-haven Tower Grove is an affordable, charming neighborhood. Residents who live in this neighborhood love its proximity to the beautiful Tower Grove Park, the weekly farmers market, and the best ice cream shop in town (Ices Plain and Fancy). It is a short 5-minute drive from the hospital and a medium distance ride on your fixed gear bicycle.

Chesterfield/Distal Suburbia

Lush, green lawns, space between you and your neighbors, and deer stealing your prize carrots- this and more can be yours in suburbia. Several residents have chosen to take on the commuter lifestyle. Compared to other cities, St. Louis commutes are relatively easy. Former Chief resident, David Curfman, insisted that on most days his commute was only 20 minutes. The beautiful August Busch Wildlife reserve is only a few miles outside of Chesterfield and features great bass, bluegill, and channel catfish fishing.

The Loop – St. Louis Neighborhood Spotlight: Delmar Loop

The loop is the neighborhood closest to the Washington University undergraduate campus. With a vibrant nightlife, St. Louis’s best rooftop bar, as well as one of St. Louis’ best venues for live music, the loop has an exciting, eclectic vibe that has attracted many residents to live near it. About a 10-minute drive to work, it’s a nice middle ground between proximity and separation from work. Additionally, it is the location of the currently under construction “Forest Park Trolley” which will be a rail system connecting the museum of Forest Park to the Loop.

The Restaurant Scene in STL

The diversity and quality of restaurants in St. Louis has been one of the best things about living here. There is always a new restaurant to discover, and you will not be disappointed with the diversity of cuisine the city has to offer. In 2022, the food blog Eater selected St. Louis as one of the “Best Food Cities to Travel to in 2022.” Whether you are in the mood for award-winning BBQ at Pappy’s or Bogart’s, burgers at Mac’s local eats, delicious Balkan food at Balkan Treat Box, pho at Mai Lee, it is never difficult to find a great meal! St. Louis is, also, the home of many James Beard award semifinalist chefs at restaurants such as Indo, Vicia, Bulrush, Olive & Oak, Little Fox and Tempus. So whatever you are craving, St. Louis likely has a place for you!

Washington University Medical Center Housestaff Auxiliary (WUMCHA)

WUMCHA, a department of Barnes Jewish Hospital, has acted as a support group to address the unique needs of spouses, partners, residents, fellows, and attending physicians affiliated with the Medical Center since 1982. Click on the following link to access the WUMCHA web site:

Attractions and activities

There are always lots of fun and exciting things going on in St. Louis. Take a look and visit some entertaining features of this old city. Visit

Outdoor Activities – St. Louis Meet Me Outdoors: Summer

  • St Louis City has 105 city parks, including Forest Park and Tower Grove.
  • St Louis County has 45 county parks, with hiking and biking trails, skating rinks, horse trails, white water rafting/floating, and fishing.
Forest Park (Yes, it deserves it own section!)
  • One of the largest urban parks in the United States: At 1,293 acres, it is 500 acres larger than Central Park in New York with complete restoration in 2004.
  • Site of the 1904 World’s Fair
  • 36 holes of golf, driving range, tennis courts, baseball fields, boating, fishing, handball, ice-skating.
  • Over 6 miles of paved trails for cycling, rollerblading, and jogging.
  • Numerous wooded hiking trails and picnic areas.
  • Multiple free events: The Zoo, Art Museum, History Museum, Science Center, Annual Hot Air Balloon race, weekly summer Shakespeare Festival, Microbrew Festivals and more!

St. Louis is a city with lots of opportunities to be active, whether you like organized sports or hiking on your own. I am an avid athlete and enjoy spending as much time as possible outside. For personal fitness I like to run in Forest Park which has a vast set of running paths. It’s easy to pick whatever distance is comfortable and join other runners on the designated pedestrian and running paths. My favorite organized sports to play are soccer and ultimate Frisbee. The city has rec league ultimate Frisbee every day of the week during the summer. I’ve played both summers that I’ve been in St. Louis. The league is very welcoming to people of any skill level. There are also many opportunities for league or pickup soccer throughout the city. I am currently playing on an outdoor team with two of my friends from Wash U, and playing pickup soccer as well when I get the chance. I also like to go indoor rock climbing at one of the three area gyms. I climb with many of my co-workers from Wash U, including residents and faculty from Neurology, Internal Medicine, and Emergency Medicine. Finally, I also love to spend time hiking in the area state parks. There are many parks within an hours drive. The parks are generally well maintained and most are dog friendly. These parks are where I have spent lots of time during the weekends. – Alex Dietz


  • Soulard Market is one of the oldest farmers markets in the country
  • Several global food/international markets
  • The St. Louis Art Fair is one of the best in the country
  • Historic St. Louis Jazz & Blues Festival
  • Shakespeare Festival

Public institutions and museums

I was most surprised by how much there is to do in St. Louis–and how much of it is free! When I moved here, I was told: “If you’re spending money, you’re doing it wrong.” In Forest Park alone, free activities include outdoor movie nights, concerts, the St. Louis Zoo, the world-class art museum, the history museum (my personal favorite), and free seats at the MUNY (an outdoor theater). Not to mention the opportunity to get outside to go walking, running, biking, cross-country skiing, golfing, and ice skating all within a gorgeous park. I can’t imagine there is a better location to live. – Leanne Stunkel

Music and theatre


  • St. Louis is a great, historic sports city! We are home to the Cardinals (Busch Stadium) and the 2019 Stanley Cup Champion St. Louis Blues (Enterprise Center). We will also have an MLS team, the St. Louis City SC, beginning in 2023 with a brand new stadium being built between WashU Medical Campus and downtown.  
  • In addition there are number of amateur teams and top tier college sports, including the St. Louis University Basketball (Chaifetz Arena) and near by University of Missouri Football.  
  • There are a number of renowned hometown sports figures as well, including Jayson Tatum and Jo Jo White (current and former Boston Celtics), Taylor Twellman (former professional and National Soccer player), Ben Bishop, Matthew Tkachuk, Pat Maroon, and Paul Stasny (professional hockey), and of course Yogi Berra and Harry Caray.
  • And of course, there is no shortage of great high school sports rivalries and a rich youth sports culture, particularly ice hockey and soccer.