Karolina Kata

Where I am from:  I was born and raised in Poland and moved to the U.S. with my family when I was a teenager. I continued to move about to work and study in Illinois and more recently in Texas. I’m glad to be in the center of it all now, and I look forward to experiencing the seasons again!

Where I am going:  I really enjoy topics of neurodevelopment and neuro-oncology. I’m very excited at the prospect of continuing research and creating evidence- based improvement in care and quality of services for those patient populations. 

Why I am here:  I remember the strong and undeniable feeling of belonging on the day of my interview. The generous and genuine hospitality and warm welcome from everyone in the child neurology program was unrivaled and left a profound impression on me. It remained unchanged after my departure and only strengthened in follow-up communications. I felt calm and confident that I would find a sense of family and strong mentorship in this community and that I would enter a supportive environment where I could evolve and grow as a clinician and scientist. I was unsure of what my transition to St. Louis would be like given very unique global circumstances. I quickly discovered that the city and surrounding areas have so much to offer, even amidst a pandemic. There is ample green space, be it in the city or in the many beautiful state parks. Hiking, outdoor yoga, foraging for wild mushrooms and archery are some of my favorite adventures, so far!