Esra  Pehlivan, MD

Esra Pehlivan, MD

Where I am from: I was born and raised in Turkey. I completed my medical school training and pediatric residency at Istanbul University in Turkey.

Where I am going: I am interested in epilepsy  and sleep but I am still exploring all the field has to offer and am open to other possibilities.

Why I am here: During my residency interview, the warm welcome and friendly environment at Dr. Mar’s house struck me. I loved the camaraderie between fellows and attendings. As someone who is far away from loved ones, a strong family environment is really important to me.

Not only does WashU have caring faculty and residents, but it also stood out in terms of clinical and academic excellence. I wanted to be in a program that best supports me to pursue my career according to my interests and provide guidance and leadership skills.

In my spare time, I enjoy running in Forest Park, playing tennis as much as I can, hiking with my co-residents and hanging out with co-residents and discovering all St. Louis has to offer.