Vihas  Abraham, MD

Vihas Abraham, MD

Where I am from: I grew up in South Africa and moved to Chicago when I was 12. I majored in Biochemistry, Biology, Chemistry and Natural Sciences at Case Western Reserve University. Afterwards, I obtained a Masters in Pharmacology from Tulane University before completing my medical training at the University of Illinois at Chicago. I fell in love with the unique and diverse pathologies of pediatric neurology late in my third year of medical school and the field continues to intrigue!

Where I am going: I am interested in several fields currently, including neurocritical care, neuroimmunology, neuromuscular diseases and epilepsy! All of these fields are rapidly expanding with novel developments in therapies and imaging, and I hope to be part of it going forward.

Why I am here: The support. The passion. The camaraderie. My interviews were over Zoom, and the enthusiasm that the residents and faculty had for the field was still so obvious! We have already had opportunities to meet with and get to know several attendings in the first few months. There are also constant opportunities to get involved in research. In addition, all the residents that I have met have been kind, down to earth, and so welcoming!  Finally, the city of St. Louis is charming! We are close to Forest Park, which offers tons of activities, from biking, golfing, and tennis to the art museum and theatre and even holds the St. Louis Zoo! There are also several trendy restaurants and shops nearby, with the opportunity to explore distinct neighborhoods just a few miles away!