Laura  Perez-Arnold, MD

Laura Perez-Arnold, MD

Where I am from: I was born here in St. Louis, but I’ve bounced back and forth between STL and Texas all my life. My love for neurology originally grew out of 15+ years working with the Epilepsy Foundation while I lived in Texas. I came home to STL to do my undergraduate at WashU, majoring in psychological and brain sciences. Then it was back to Texas for Medical School at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center, where I did ventriculoperitoneal shunt research. In between undergrad and medical school I spent a year and a half doing ABA therapy for children with Autism. 

Where am I going: I have a special place in my heart for Epilepsy and have enjoyed learning about EEG. In addition to epilepsy, I think the most exciting things in neurology are happening in neurogenetics and neuroimmunology. The research happening in those fields are going to completely change what’s possible for our patients in the future, so I am excited to explore that during residency. I also love pulmonology, so I think I would like to learn more about neuromusclular medicine too. I’m excited to see where residency takes me! 

Why am I here: I knew I wanted a medium sized city with a strong, collaborative, medical community, a comprehensive pediatrics program, and pediatric neurologists who could offer advanced training supported by influential research. Early in the interview process I could already tell that the pediatric neuro residents were energized about what they were doing and that they were genuinely excited to share it amongst themselves and with applicants. WashU and St. Louis attract collaborative and compassionate people who have a passion for teaching and service, and I wanted to be a part of that community. Ultimately, St. Louis is my home, and I just didn’t feel done here yet. Plus it’s pretty hard to beat Forest Park, Cardinals baseball, and toasted ravioli!