Elizabeth Hendrickson

Where I am from: I was raised in Fayetteville, North Carolina, for most of my childhood. I went to undergrad at Samford University in Birmingham, Alabama, where I was a science and religion major with a concentration in medical sciences. It was a unique course of study that challenged me to integrate scientific inquiry and religious philosophy to understand humankind over time. I also spent a lot of time studying medical ethics in that program. When I went to the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) for medical school, this interest is what led me to fall in love with pediatric neurology — the interplay between neuroscience and the development of the mind and human person is so cool!

Where am I going: Given my interest in medical ethics and development, I’m drawn to fetal and neonatal neurology. My research interests are studying and optimizing decision-making in the young and critically ill, optimizing substituted autonomy in pediatric medicine and really anything in the sphere of bioethics that has to do with neurology.

Why am I here: I knew WashU was a powerhouse for pediatric neurology, but it wasn’t until my interview here that I understood why. The amount of support the program gives to residents is unbelievable! Before we even started residency, I had already been invited to homes of the department head and my peds neuro advisor for meet-ups and lots of yummy food. There are constant opportunities to get plugged in with great learning at noon conferences, research opportunities and a breadth of patient care. This environment attracts people who are genuinely friendly, kind and supportive. I love my intern class, and every Peds Neuro resident I’ve met has gone out of their way to provide support and help. Finally, St. Louis is the coolest city around! There is so much to do in a proximity close enough to the hospital that you can have a life outside of work. My husband and I love living here!