Amy  Robichaux Viehoever, MD, PhD

Amy Robichaux Viehoever, MD, PhD

Assistant Professor of Neurology
Cerebral Palsy and Movement Disorder Section
Director, Pediatric Deep Brain Stimulation Program
Washington University School of Medicine

Amy Robichaux Viehoever, MD, PhD, is a Pediatric Neurologist with further specialization in Pediatric Movement Disorders. Her clinical interests include treating children with movement disorders such as Tourette’s Syndrome, chorea, dystonia, cerebral palsy, and ataxia with a special interest in developing Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) as a treatment for dystonia and cerebral palsy.  She has a long-standing research interest in clinical and translational research aimed at developing biomedical devices and imaging technologies for improving diagnosis and treatment of disease. This interest motivated my initial undergraduate and graduate studies in biomedical engineering. In addition to this bench-to-bedside research interest, she also has developed expertise in rare disease reseach. She runs the GNAO1 Neurodevelopmental Disorder Natural History Study and have collaborated on several natural history studies and clinical trials for rare diseases including AADC deficiency, Panthothene Kinase Associated Neurodegeneration (a form of Neuronal Degeneration with Brain Iron Accumulation), Niemann Pick C, and Wolfram Syndrome.